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A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Apparently, Dr Prem realizes the deeper meaning of the adage and uses photography as a tool to express his emotions and bring to the fore the real beauty of his subjects. A gift of enterprise, Dr Prem’s travel photography reflect his deep understanding of cultures and geographies that he acquired after visiting above 35 countries and working with several tourism governments and experts. Dr Prem’s thoughtfully clicked pictures delicately depict the essence of the subject matter, thereby providing reasons aplenty for credible publications to vie for pictures he clicks. Dr Prem has the unique ability to capture images with a solid composition even after defying the conventions in photography. His images do not belong to any particular genre but still they are enthralling enough to capture the imagination of any audience. 

Dr Prem is a man with creativity, which further enhances his credentials as a travel photographer. He is able to intuitively ascertain essentials of a great photograph such as lighting, composition, and focus, and use them impeccably to deliver astounding shots. His remarkable hand-eye coordination comes in handy in manipulating the equipment involved in capturing top-notch photos.